Saturday, September 17, 2011

Arts in the Alley

Today DH and I went to Arts in the Alley in Grove City. Maybe it used to be in an alley but since I have been going it's taken up the town centre! :-) Pricey for booths but then again, I am a cheapo! I love looking at the things the artists sell and running into people I know. My biggest problem is, I look at most of it and think I can make that! And many times I do bring that thought or idea of something I have seen home with me, changed of course because like I mentioned in the description of this blog, I can't leave anything alone! While there I gathered ideas for a craft show I am hoping to do in November with my artistic and talented niece Mandi. She does some cool water color paintings. This will be her first time and she is excited! I will try to get her permission to post a pic of her work on here soon. She is also the one who named my craft room the "Lair of Art".

I couldn't leave AITA without stopping into the quilt shop and getting some material for a quilt I am going to make. So much for working from my fabric stash only! Then DH and I go to the quilt show and I end up buying MORE material! Which brings me to this---my friend KyleAnn has a quilt along on her blog. It's too late to win the charm squares she was giving away but you can still join us! It's a simple pattern from the book "Country Threads Goes to Charm School". I started mine too early and have the top finished already LOL! SOOOO...I am making another one! Which is also why I just HAD to get the raspberry pink batik print at the quilt shop today! Always an excuse to buy fabric hee hee! Here is the link:

So, this is my first post! Hope you enjoy my blog!
God is good!

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