Thursday, September 22, 2011

What to do, what to do?

There is only one problem being a simple crafter...well ok, there's several! But one in particular is vexing me right now. As some of you may know, I am doing a craft show in November at Good Samaritan Hospital's Healthplex. My problem is--I do so many crafts It's hard for me to decide what ones to take! I "think" I have narrowed it down to the following: Jewelry, Heating bags (rice filled), covers for the bags, and possibly greeting cards. My niece will be taking her unique water color paintings to sell for the first time so maybe the cards will stay home so we have room to display her work properly! She is nervous as this is her first show. I have not done any in quite awhile so am looking forward to it as well.

Quilting update: I have been called and "over achiever" by KyleAnn! LOL! I now have two quilt tops done for the quilt along on her blog. :-) They will hopefully be getting finished by November and shipped to my great-nieces in Las Vegas! The in-laws are coming next weekend and so there will be time for craft store shopping and sewing and lots of talking about crafts and quilts!

So--I will end today's blog here! If anyone has any thoughts on what crafts to take, please leave a comment!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Arts in the Alley

Today DH and I went to Arts in the Alley in Grove City. Maybe it used to be in an alley but since I have been going it's taken up the town centre! :-) Pricey for booths but then again, I am a cheapo! I love looking at the things the artists sell and running into people I know. My biggest problem is, I look at most of it and think I can make that! And many times I do bring that thought or idea of something I have seen home with me, changed of course because like I mentioned in the description of this blog, I can't leave anything alone! While there I gathered ideas for a craft show I am hoping to do in November with my artistic and talented niece Mandi. She does some cool water color paintings. This will be her first time and she is excited! I will try to get her permission to post a pic of her work on here soon. She is also the one who named my craft room the "Lair of Art".

I couldn't leave AITA without stopping into the quilt shop and getting some material for a quilt I am going to make. So much for working from my fabric stash only! Then DH and I go to the quilt show and I end up buying MORE material! Which brings me to this---my friend KyleAnn has a quilt along on her blog. It's too late to win the charm squares she was giving away but you can still join us! It's a simple pattern from the book "Country Threads Goes to Charm School". I started mine too early and have the top finished already LOL! SOOOO...I am making another one! Which is also why I just HAD to get the raspberry pink batik print at the quilt shop today! Always an excuse to buy fabric hee hee! Here is the link:

So, this is my first post! Hope you enjoy my blog!
God is good!